PUBG Mobile Lite Beta Servers Is Now Live in India, Available For ‘Pre-Download’

Pubg Mobile Lite Beta Servers Is Now Live in India

PUBG Lite pre-enlistments for beta testing are set to close today. For the individuals who pre-enlisted for it, the hold up at long last arrives at an end as the PUBG Lite beta servers will go online later today. Moreover,

the game would now be able to be downloaded (otherwise known as preloaded) by players who agreed to accept the beta testing and can begin battling for chicken meals beginning today Pubg Mobile Lite is available on this site .

Pubg Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite Beta Servers

Likewise, the pre-enrollment numbers for PUBG Lite in India have crossed the 200,000 imprint, which means all members of the beta testing circle will get six extra rewards that were guaranteed when the pre-enlistments commenced.

The authority PUBG Lite India Facebook page uncovered a couple of days prior that the PUBG Lite beta servers will be ready for action for all members on July 4.

PubG Mobile Lite Update News 2019

The day has at long last come when the beta servers will open and the game will be playable. Yet, before the fight royale war for chicken supper starts in PUBG Lite, the game is currently prepared to be downloaded.

The most effective method to download PUBG Lite beta

According to the authority PUBG Lite site, the game’s download connection is currently live for intrigued players with regards to India who enrolled for the beta testing. Moreover,

the game will likewise be up for download in a large group of other South Asian (Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka), MENA, and Latin American nations too. On the off chance that you have effectively enrolled for the beta testing, you can download the game from this page. Additionally, Nvidia, Intel, and ATI Radeon drivers for your PC can be downloaded from a similar goal.

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PUBG Lite has crossed the sign of 200,000 pre-enrollments in India, which means every single enlisted player will get a sum of six rewards as in-game things. Notwithstanding the guaranteed Tiger M416 weapon

and the Cheetah parachute skin occasion rewards, players will likewise get a dark scarf, punk glasses, bleeding battle pants as reward pre-enrollment target rewards.

Pubg Mobile Lite Beta Pre-Download PubG

Additionally, PUBG Lite servers will be brought down for upkeep for a range of four hours today beginning at 05:00am UTC (10:30am IST) and will be back online after 09:00am UTC (02:30pm IST). The server upkeep notice says that

“there will be different bug fixes and substance refreshes during this support”, however there is no word so far on fix notes for a looming update is on Techokut.

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